Friday, May 16, 2008

iQ Academy Kansas Launches Online Middle School

Kansas Department of Education Approves New Curriculum MANHATTAN, Kan., May 15 /PRNewswire/ -- The success of intelligence quotient Academy
Kansas' online high school have prompted an enlargement of the course of study to
include a complete center school programme for pupils in classes 7 and 8. The new course of study was recently approved by the Sunflower State State Department of
Education and covers core courses of study such as as as English Language and math, as well as a
wide assortment of electives such as human race languages, web design, digital
photography and music appreciation. "We have got seen how our high school pupils stand out in the online learning
setting and wanted to spread out that chance to more than pupils at different
grade levels," said Rupert Brooke Blanck, Director of intelligence quotient Academy Kansas. "The
curriculum is flexible to ran into the demands of today's pupils who are busier
than ever before. intelligence quotient Academy is focused on providing Sunflower State pupils the
opportunity to stand out at their ain pace, studying when and where they want
so they can prosecute their passions." Just like intelligence quotient Academy Kansas' high school program, the center school
offers a high-quality, tuition-free, education option that supplies small
group direction and one-on-one feedback from accredited instructors -- all
conducted online using a laptop computer provided by the school. Courses are taught
by instructors licensed in Kansas, who give individualized attending to
students and moderate moral force pupil treatments online. Once enrolled,
students have texts as needed for their courses of study and optional use
of a laptop computing machine computer. As in traditional populace schools, these learning
tools are provided to pupils at no cost for as long as they are enrolled
in intelligence quotient Academy Kansas. intelligence quotient Academy Kansas, a programme of Manhattan - C. K. Ogden USD 383, is currently
enrolling pupils for the 2008-09 school twelvemonth in both the center school
and high school programs. intelligence quotient Academy Sunflower State is also offering summertime school
courses June 2 - July 27. Sunflower State pupils in classes 7 - 12 are eligible to
enroll in a wide array of core, elective, and foreign linguistic communication courses,
with registration taking topographic point April 14 - May 23. For a finish listing of
courses or to complete an registration form, visit
. intelligence quotient Academy Sunflower State will host a series of unfastened houses throughout the
state, where teachers, current pupils and their parents will be available
for prospective pupils and parents to inquire inquiries about this unique
education option. Those interested volition be able to see a presentation of
how the school runs and what a practical schoolroom looks like. A complete
open house agenda is attached. For more than information about intelligence quotient Academy
Kansas or to take part in a practical unfastened house, visit
or phone call 1-877-345-4757. ABOUT intelligence quotient academy KANSAS intelligence quotient Academy Kansas, an online programme of Manhattan - C. K. Ogden USD 383,
offers an option to traditional classroom-based learning: a
tuition-free practical school serving classes 7 - 12 that rans into the demands of
students and households while setting the peak criteria of academic
quality. intelligence quotient Academy is the lone online school with over 30 old age of
distance acquisition experience. Accredited instructors supply small-group
instruction and individualized feedback, and pupils benefit from frequent
interaction with instructors and peers. The programme functions high school-,
college- and career-bound students, and alumni gain in-between school and
high school sheepskins accepted at colleges and technical schools throughout
the U.S. ABOUT kilohertz distance LEARNING, INC. kilohertz Distance Learning is the prima supplier of distance learning
programs for high school pupils including core, honors, and AP courses. Since 1974, kilohertz Distance Learning have enriched the lives of over 200,000
students through high quality online and correspondence instruction programs. For more than information, delight visit . ABOUT MANHATTAN-OGDEN populace school DISTRICT The Manhattan-Ogden Populace School District have an yearly registration of
nearly 5,450 pupils and with more than than 1,000 employees, is the fourth
largest employer in the community. There are currently nine elementary
schools, two center schools and one high school located within the
district. For more than information, delight visit . For More Information Annie Nolan, (414)390-5500


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